Great wave sea.

Day 15. Saunags village – Kolka.

SEE Worth seeing

The Horn collection in Vaide village

More than 550 horns. +371 29395624

NThe Pine Nature Trail

The trail is exceptionally beautiful in the spring and at the beginning of summer when the pine trees bloom: the pines with low set, prostrate branches form unusual flowering carpets. You can see the “Mother of pines” which could possibly be one of the oldest coastal pines deeply covered in sand. According to biologists, it could be around 200-300 years old.

The Old Kolka Lighthouse

The only remains of the lighthouse are its ruins, reaffirming the mightiness of the sea, wind and currents at Cape Kolka.

The Kolka Lighthouse

The only lighthouse in Latvia built on an island that was artificially created 5,14 km from the shore.

A Monument to the ones taken by the sea

A symbolic gate through which you can see the Kolka lighthouse.

Cape Kolka

Cape Kolka is the Northernmost point of the Kurzeme (Courland) peninsula. The shelf of Cape Kolka stretches into the sea for 6 km and it is bathed by the sea at a depth of 0,5-3 km. The waves of the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Riga meet on its shelf. During storms waves can reach a height of 7 m.

The Liv center Kūolka

Here you can see a movie about the Livs, listen to a recording of the Liv language and become acquainted with Liv culture and customs. +371 29198596