Great wave sea.

Day 6. Pāvilosta - Jūrkalne.

Practical information

Length: 20 km

Duration: 7 – 9 h

Start: Pāvilosta TIC, 

Finish: The viewing area of the Baltic Sea bluff, opposite Jūrkalne 

Itinerary: Pāvilosta – Ulmale – Labrags – Jūrkalne

Road surface: Sandy, pebbly beaches (with pebbles of different sizes), beaches covered in small stones. Near Pāvilosta and Jūrkalne: wide sandy beaches.

Difficulty level:  -

Obstacles: A ~ 0,5 h walk from Pāvilosta, the beach narrows and is covered in stones. There are two locations under the bluffs with a length of 100 – 200 m where you may have to wade through shallow water in case of a heavy swell on the sea due to strong W, NW or SW winds or during storms. Then you have to go over the top of the bluff or take a bus. You can wade across the streams and brooks during low water. You can also wade across the Rīva River if there have not been strong rains. The Rīva River can be crossed via two bridges ~ 1,5 km from the sea.
The Saka River can be crossed in a small ship, which has to be booked in advance by calling +371 2748 0131, +371 29448446.

Dangerous places: The bluffs collapse as the sea washes away the shore and the rain water washes out their slopes. You can come across landslides, landfalls, rockfalls, so the bluffs cannot be used for moving forward. To this end, stairs have been installed in many places. Landfalls mostly occur during storms or after them, as well as after heavy showers, but may also occur at other times.

Good to know! No shops are available between Pāvilosta and Jūrkalne. Suitable footwear is necessary, walking poles are advisable for support.