Cliffs and waterfalls of Northwestern Estonia.

Day 59. Vääna - Jõesuu - Tabasalu.

SEE Worth seeing

NSuurupi Nature Reserve (Suurupi looduskaitsealal)

visible outcrops of sandstone from the Cambrian period unique to Estonia.

Suurupi Freedom Monument (Suurupi Vabadussammas)

devoted to the 100 year anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.

The Suurupi Upper Lighthouse (Suurupi alumine tuletorn)

is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and is the oldest wooden lighthouse in Estonia.

NMuraste Nature Reserve (Muraste looduskaitsealal)

different bird species nest here.


From the end of May to the middle of September there is regular ship traffic to this island located ten kilometres from Tallinn. Transport to the island: and

Rannamõisa Church (Rannamõisa kirik)

A small, trendy early Gothic style church, +372 56904417

Rannameisa Precipice

Maximum height 35 meters.

NRannameisa Nature Reserve; Tabasalu Learning Nature Pathway

During times when the water level has risen it can be hard to pass through the part of the path located at the foot of the precipice.