Great wave sea.

Day 1. Nida - Pape.

Practical information

Length: 12 km

Duration: 4 – 6 h

Start: Nida, the border post on the Latvian-Lithuanian border

Finish: Pape beach, opposite the Pūķarags recreation complex

Itinerary: Nida – Pape Koņi village – Pape

Road surface: Sandy and pebbly beaches, occasionally fine gravel. Near Nida – several kilometers of pebbly beach. In places, the pebbles form outcrops of several tens of centimeters, created by the waves. In Pape, the roads are covered in gravel.

Difficulty level: 

Obstacles: The Līgupe – Paurupe Canal (can be crossed via the bridge), the Pape Canal (via the Rucava-Pape road bridge)

Dangerous places: None

Good to know! You have to carry valid identity documents (frontier area). No catering is offered from Nida (included) to Pape. The closest shop is in Rucava (8,5 km from Pape).

Alternatives: Between Nida and the Pape Koņi village, there is a forest trail of 4 km stretching behind the foredunes that can be used in case of strong wind.